Our Aim

Our aim is to promote quality locally produced cables specifically in the industrial and mining
sectors. The vision is to become a local manufacturer that introduces global technology in
ways that improve and simplify current systems and requirements.

Where it Started

N R S Solutions is built on the wealth of experience, collectively the owners have experience of over 84yrs in
the Cable Industry. In 2013, the owners identified a need for a quality product that is locally manufactured, this
demand led to the establishment of NRS Solutions. Initially the manufacturing was aimed at supplying
instrumentation cables for industrial applications. As demand increased for varied product offerings we adapted
our range accordingly. Providing solutions to problems facing these sectors.

Production is the heart of our business, our ranges include:

  • Instrumentation cables – options include unarmoured, SWA and APL armouring; cores, pairs, triads and quads; with the option of overall screen or individual and overall screen for EMC protection.

  • Pullkey and Blasting wires for mining applications

  • Custom cable design, tailored to the specific requirements of the customer

  • Rework, modification and value add to existing cables

Customer Oriented Services

While innovation is a major driver and reason for our success the passion for a quality product is what sets us apart and spurs us to even greater success.

All of the above is only possible through strong customer-oriented service. Therefore, without our customers and ensuring we meet their needs we would not be the success we are today.

At NRS Solutions our ethos is innovating for the future based on lessons learnt through years of experience. This is evident in our product offering using the latest technology in conductor materials and cost saving initiatives while never compromising on quality.